5 Ways to Offer Value Via Text

You’re probably already great at keeping your customers and clients notified about all that’s going on with you. Focusing on the good things happening in your business seems to come naturally. We really don’t have to be reminded of the benefit of self-promotion.

But you may need to be reminded of what happens when you only self-promote to the neglect of providing value for your customers. When the majority of your messages are promotional, your customers may be turned off. If they feel that you’re always pitching something to buy or asking for money, they may ignore your messages or unsubscribe from your list altogether.

Text messaging may feel like a “billboard” format, and while it’s true it’s somewhat of a one-sided conversation, you are still able to serve your customers through the platform. Get creative to reach your customers with what they need.

We’ve thought of five things you can do with your mobile marketing that your customers will love:

  1. Offer coupons – Coupons sent to subscribers communicates appreciation and encourages action.
  2. Send notes of encouragement and inspiration – Depending upon your brand and audience, these messages could include quotations, Scripture, Happy Birthday messages, or even images. Personal notes such as these build trust.
  3. Offer free articles, downloads, and/or eBooks – Links to free resources on topics that align with your brand, your mission, and/or those of your audience communicate your expertise and subject matter authority.
  4. Send real-time notifications that make life easier – Keep your subscribers up-to-date about goings-on at your business. Send messages about sale dates, cancellations, arrival of new shipments, etc. Everyone is stretched and pressed these days; if your messages can save time, save money, and/or offer an important reminder, you become viewed as reliable and helpful.
  5. Offer exclusive opportunities – Everyone wants to belong to something; use your text message list to create that close-knit culture with a unique identity. When you send out “subscriber-only” special announcements, you’ll reinforce the special nature of the relationship with those customers.

For every promotional text (something that says or implies, “buy now” or “give now”), send out three value-based texts (something that benefits the customer). Following this 1:3 ratio will help you retain the subscribers you do have, increase sign ups for your list, and get people looking forward to your texts.

Oh, and you should see increased sales and donations, too!

You can start giving your customers, donors, members, and clients value right away. Try Textify for free for 30 days and discover how effective mobile marketing is with your business or organization.


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alexandra0 says:

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