7 SMS Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

SMS marketing is pretty straightforward, however you don't want to lose subscribers by making these 7 common, and totally avoidable, mistakes.

Texting Without Permission

Build your list organically so that when a subscriber signs up for your SMS alerts you know they are already interested in updates and news from your organization.

Forgetting to Identify Yourself

SMS marketing messages are short and snappy but that's still no excuse to forget to identify yourself. Never assume anything. Introduce yourself!

Misspelled Words

Sending out a misspelled word not only makes a bad impression but paints an unprofessional picture of your business or organization. Would you donate money to an organization whose staff present a careless and sloppy image? Errors can be costly because they can cost you potential business or mobile giving funds. Textify helps flag misspelled words so your message is as effective as possible.

Complicated Messaging

Be succinct and to the point in your messaging. Shorter and more concise messages deliver much better results than longwinded messages. Introduce your business, your offer, state a clear call to action and end with a closing statement or thank you.

No Call to Action

Looking for email signups? Asking for donations? Sharing exclusive discount codes? Clearly identify the call to action that your target audience should take.

Message Frequency

Posting too frequently or not frequently enough can be a strike against you. According to the BlueHornest 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing survey, 89.3% of consumers think that 1-2 text messages per week from a business is the right number of text messages that would keep them engaged with the brand, in addition to keeping them opted-in to the brand’s text messaging campaign.

Message Timing

Do you want to get SMS marketing alerts at midnight? 5 a.m.?  This is fairy common sense, but schedule your messages for when the reader would need them or for when they will have the free time to read them and take action. Marketing emails on Saturdays typically have poor open rates, but SMS can be ideal for Saturdays. Experiment with timing and with what works for your particular target audience.

As you plan your SMS marketing campaigns, remember to keep it simple and avoid these common mistakes.


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