Messaging The Masses When Bad Weather Strikes

Tennessee was pummeled with a winter ice storm this week and Middle Tennessee has literally been shut down. Many employees, uncertain of whether or not their offices were closed or not, braved the icy roads and headed into work, only to be told their office would be closing early.

Our sister company, The A Group, was able to send a group text message yesterday morning alerting staff that road conditions were bad and that all employees should work from home.

A State of Emergency was declared for the State of Tennessee Monday night. Although this was a winter weather event, there are weather-related announcements that need to be made year round.

Group messaging is ideal for inclimate weather alerts such as:

  • School closings
  • Sporting event cancellations or delays
  • Office closures
  • Church service cancellations
  • Concert cancellations
  • Rain outs
  • Tornado warnings

How can group messaging help keep your staff safe? Sign up for Textify today for free for 30 days!



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