Solve the Summer Donation Drought

With summer come plans of less work, relaxation, and vacation time. Churches and ministries scramble to find ways to fund initiatives and programs while their audience prepares to check out. But your donor support doesn’t have to suffer just because people are taking a break to enjoy warm weather with their families.

Your audience may spend less time on their laptops this summer, but they’ll never be away from their phones. Using Textify, you can stay in touch with them through simple text messages sent at the hit of a button. With stay-at-home moms making a majority of the financial decisions and donations in America, it’s important to update your outreach tactics to reach them more effectively during the summer.  

That mom sitting on the beach sipping lemonade may ignore your emails, but she’ll open a text message you send her. In fact, over 95 percent of cell phone users open a text message within minutes of receiving it. Using our simple software, Textify, you can prompt your audience to stay connected and donate. That mother on the beach just may stop scrolling through Instagram long enough to give you a donation.

With summer on the rise, employ text marketing to continue impacting your audience. You can even try Textify for free for 30 days! See what a difference being mobile can make. 


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