Text Marketing and Global Ministry: A Perfect Partnership

We’re excited to tell you all about the great work happening with one of our partners, Reach Youth Global (RYG). RYG affects change in youth all over the world by bringing them the hope of Christ in the form of engaging camps, dynamic events, and meaningful discipleship.

RYG’s approach to missions work is a bit non-traditional in that they partner with local ministries, organizations, and people in various countries who are already positively impacting their own cultures. They believe that the most effective way to encourage and cultivate long-term change is from within the cultures themselves.

In the spring of 2015, RYG began using Textify text marketing services. They have noticed overall growth since signing on with Textify and regularly see spikes in web traffic each time they send out a text message.

We asked RYG’s Mark Stayton to tell us more about their experience with Textify.

Textify: Describe your overall experience and impression of Textify.

RYG: Since we first began using Textify, we have been big fans! We are impressed with how easy it is to get started and to utilize this strategic tool on a weekly basis.

Textify: How do you use Textify in your ministry?

RYG: We schedule weekly communication through Textify and have the opportunity to share strategic needs, ministry highlights, prayer requests, and other real time updates with several thousand people around the world. As a result, our partners and supporters expect to hear from us each week. Our communication has become much more effective and has ultimately driven more traffic to our website, blog, and other communication tools.

Textify: What types of content do you send out to subscribers?

RYG: We send out four different types of content—informational (we provide ministry updates in the regions that we work), inspirational (we challenge our subscribers to think about how they can transform lives), donor development (we incorporate “soft asks” into messages and/or share stories that may prompt subscribers to give), and content teasers (we preview our blog posts or our monthly student or youth spotlight stories).

Textify: How is Textify impacting web traffic and conversions, as well as building relationships with subscribers?

RYG: When we use Textify, we see an immediate spike in our web traffic, regardless of whether we are including links to landing pages or back to our site’s homepage.

Whether your ministry serves across the street or across the globe, Textify can be an important part of your outreach and communication. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial and see how text marketing can improve and grow your organization.


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